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I just noticed I have 24 followers!!!

I don’t know when that happened but thank you all!!! It means a lot to me that my drawings are being seen by TWETY FOUR PEOPLE!!! IT’S A LOT O PEOPLE!!!! (seriously, A LOT! Or at least it is for me)

Thank you so SO much for your support!


So this happened…

I shouldn’t go on public transport, I am sure to embarass myself.

People who follow me on twitter got to watch as I freaked out because I lost my white gel-pen yesterday and only found it today. And now it’s finally finished!
I haven’t done anything in traditional medium in so long I forgot I’m actually a lot faster with it.

Sorry for the shitty scan, I can’t figure out my scanner even ownning it for more than five years.

Auto-biographic comic, pen (white gel-pen!) and colored pencils on paper.

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